automatic convert for float number


I'm using the string format {0:N} to display the value of a field. THe field has the datatype float and it is on a postgreqsql server.

I use the databinding for it.

Because of the different between SQL languages and windows cultural properties, we have to each time format the value to the right one, so the sql server can execute it.

In postgresql, I have to write 1.5 not 1,5 for example.

In German, we use 1,5 as the standard input format in windows.

How can I automatically convert 1,5 to 1.5 without using Updating event ? Are there any property for that ?


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There is a method in globalization that takes care of the Number Separator as it is called, try the thread below for details.  Hope this helps.

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Gift Peddie
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