How to call server side function on client side

   How to call server side function on client side? here i want to call change() function on textbox onchange event.

  <script language="javascript">
    function serverfunction()
<input id="Text1" onchange="javascript:serverfunction();"  type="text" />

code behind:
  public void change()

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 <script type="text/javascript">
 function callserver() {
<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" style="display:none" onclick="Button1_Click" Text="Button" />
 protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

Better Post your code before asking some thing, some one. So that person helping u will understand u r problem Clearly

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on the server side u have to register a script like this. For that u have to call some piece of code in page load.. see the eaxmple.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)



 private void RegisterClientScript()
                ClientScriptManager csManager = Page.ClientScript;
                String csReference = csManager.GetCallbackEventReference(this, "arg", "SavePopupResult", "SavePopupWait()");
                String callbackScript = "function CallServer(arg, context) { ";
                callbackScript += csReference + "; }";
                csManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(this.GetType(), "CallServer", callbackScript, true);
            catch (Exception RegisterClientScriptException)
                throw RegisterClientScriptException;


//here CallServer is  the server side function tht i will call fromclient sede


now see the client side code.. code in my aspx 

function SavePopup(blockId,modifiedDate,roomTypeDetailId,roomAllocated,onePersonRate,multiplePersonRate,extraAdultRate,extraChildRate,persons,children)


 var eventArgument = "";
                        eventArgument += modifiedDate + "##";
                        eventArgument += roomTypeDetailId + "##";
                        eventArgument += txtRoomAllocated.value + "##";
                        eventArgument += txtOnePerson.value + "##";
                        eventArgument += txtMultiplePerson.value + "##";
                        eventArgument += txtExtraAdult.value + "##";
                        eventArgument += txtExtraChild.value + "##";                       
                        eventArgument += ddlPersons.value + "##";                       
                        eventArgument += ddlChild.value + "##";
                        eventArgument += spanMinimumStay.innerHTML + "##";
                        eventArgument += spanSpecialDesc.innerHTML + "##";
                        eventArgument += spanIsSpecial.innerHTML;                                               

 please only refer the flow of the code as it is only an example..u have to change it the way u want...


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Hi check this link. you will get your answer



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Take a look at it’s very easy to work with.  The only caveat to this is if your project is authenticated via Active Directory, then AjaxPro does not work (it runs on another process). If you need Active Directory, then I would use the call back method like above.  This would be my example of the GetCallbackEventReference:


''''''''''Server Code


dim ClientXML as string = string.empty


private sub page_load.....


end sub


 Private Sub loadCallBack()
         Dim cbReference As String
         cbReference = Page.ClientScript.GetCallbackEventReference(Me, "arg", "ReceiveServerData_Allocation", "context")
         Dim callbackScript As String = ""
         callbackScript &= "function CallServer(arg, context) { " & cbReference & "} ;"
         Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Me.GetType(), "CallServer", callbackScript, True)
 End Sub


' Returns value from server to Client

 Public Function GetCallbackResult() As String Implements System.Web.UI.ICallbackEventHandler.GetCallbackResult
            Return ClientXML
 End Function


 ' Receive string from the client and process.

 Public Sub RaiseCallbackEvent(ByVal eventArgument As String) Implements System.Web.UI.ICallbackEventHandler.RaiseCallbackEvent
               ClientXML = "hello"
End Sub



'''''''''''''''''Client Side


function ReceiveServerData_Allocation(rValue){
    //if you are passing  back XML from the server you could do this

    var objXMLDoc;
   objXMLDoc = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument");
     //otherwise the value is in rValue.value




//sending data to the server

function sendIt(){

 var obj =document.getElementById('someTextBox')







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Please check how to use dopostback to achieve this.


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