Client Side events and Server side binding

I want to filter a dataset, server side and bind it to a select control. Problem is my filtering must be done based on the text written by the user in a text input. To get this text i'm using client side keyboard events.

I tried to use client side binding and it works fine, but the problem is my dataset has more than 10000 rows, and so the performance is awful. Only thing i can do i think is to rebind the select control to a filtered dataset, improving performance. This is my code at the moment:

In the aspx:


HtmlSelect _control = null;


WebMethod(EnableSession = true)]

public static void SetData(DataTable result)


HtmlSelect control = _control;

control.DataSource = result.DataSet;

control.DataMember =


control.DataTextField =


control.DataValueField =








FilterData.GetData(textBox.value, OnDataRequestComplete);



function OnDataRequestComplete(result)



var RsltElem = document.getElementById("Results");

RsltElem.innerHTML =




In The WebService FilterData:


WebMethod(EnableSession = true)]

public DataTable GetData(string filter)


DataSet ds1 = new DataSet();

DataSet result = new DataSet();

if (Session != null && Session["DataSet"] != null)

ds1 = (





"c:\\t.xml", XmlReadMode.InferSchema);


"DataSet"] = ds1;


if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(filter))

filter =


DataRow[] rows = ds1.Tables[0].Select("name LIKE '*" + filter + "*'", "name asc");


return result.Tables[0];



I have a javascript exception "PageMethods is not defined" can anyone help me with this one? Thanks

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