prevent opening a new window in modal window using content page


I have a content page with a button

and when I click it, I am trying to open a modal window

using javascript:showmodaldialog (this is a normal aspx page, I mean not a content page).

In the modal window. I have a asp button and when I click the button,I am trying to do some validation and the close the modal window.

what is h appening is, when I  click the button my code is executing and after that a webpage is opening again and the cotents which are in modal window are displayed in the webpage.

how to avoid this.


 <asp:button id="btn" text="xyz" runat="server"/>


button click code.


my abc.aspx is not a cotent page.

it contains



<asp:button id="button1" runat="server" text="click" onclick="button1_click"/>


button click code of abc.aspx page.( here I am trying to close the modal window

StringBuilder sb= new StringBuilder();

sb.Append("<script language='javascript'>");



this.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript(this.GetType(), @"clientScript", sb.ToString());

when the code gets executed, it is opening a new page and trying to close that page but not closing the modal window.How should I close the modal window and prevent the opening of new webpage.




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 Modal window's alway open a new window when you try to close it.

Write a blank webpage, and only place a iframe into it. and nest the webpage you actually open as a modal window in the iframe. Open the webpage with iframe instead opening the primary webpage. In short, place you webpage into a iframe.

8/28/2007 8:45:02 AM


 Modal window's alway open a new window when you try to close it.

Write a blank webpage, and only place a iframe into it. and nest the webpage you actually open as a modal window in the iframe. Open the webpage with iframe instead opening the primary webpage. In short, place you webpage into a iframe.

 Actually, not necessary. Just include the following tag in the head section of your HTML code:

 <base target=_self>


I never gave a damn about the meterman until I was the man who had to read the meter.
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Hi ,

 Can you help me on this issue I have two pages Parent.aspx and Child.aspx.

 In Parent.aspx I have gridview with list of reports when I click the the report link a modal window will be opened.

In the Modal window I have few field which it will get the parameters for the report to be generated. In the same modal window I have a  aspx button in which it will generate the reprot in the required format.

Actually what happening is the report is generated but it open an second window.

 I want to get rid of the second window. Also I am not able to close the Modal window after report is generated.

Waiting for the reply from anyone of u.




7/9/2008 1:52:20 PM

See my response, above. Simply include that tag in the <HEAD> portion of your HTML, and all will be well...


I never gave a damn about the meterman until I was the man who had to read the meter.
7/9/2008 2:03:30 PM

I have used that but not working I have a aspx button not HTML button

7/10/2008 9:03:48 AM

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