Nested Master Pages and Page controls


I am having difficulties trying to find a control which exists on a page which uses a mater page (nested) but is declared on one of the master pages. To make it easier to understand here's how my code is set up.

I have two master pages:

  1. MasterBase
  2. MasterPage

The MasterPage has a Content control which plugs straight into MasterBase's ContentPlaceHolder. The MasterPage's Content control contains ContentPlaceHolder so that ASPX pages that inherit this MasterPage can plug their Content(s) into those ContentPlaceHolders.

Home.aspx, which I have created uses the MasterPage - and in Content control of the Home.aspx file I have a couple of controls like Label (let's say ID="lblContent1") or Buttons and etc.

What I need to be able to do is, from MasterBase, detect if the page (being rendered) contains certain controls. So for example, in MasterBase's codebehind, I want to look for a control called "lblContent1" and if it does exist, I want to populate it with some data.

Right now, I haven't been successful at doing this. How can I achieve this?


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Something along the lines of:

Label l = null;

l = this.ContentPlaceHolder1.FindControl("Label1") as Label;

if (l != null) {

l.Text = DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString();


should do it. 'this' being the root master page. If you have more complex nesting, then you may have to get a reference to the content placeholder which contains the nested master first (and extract a reference to the master), but once you have the reference to the correct master, the same approach should work.



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The label of the content  page is a protected menber, so you shoud define a public member in the content page and expose the Hidden Field.


if  Still use the FindControl function. For the label in the Content page, its structure can be like the following:



hope it helps.

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