Need to access a Label Control on the Master Page from a user control attached to a content page

Hello all,

I have a master page (say  site.master)  with a status Label in it.

I have a content page ( say content.aspx)  that has a user control (say usercontrol.ascx).

One of the Button Click Events in the usercontrol.ascx needs to pass on some text onto the status label on the masterpage(LabelStatusMsg) and display it.

I have been able to do this directly off a content page (content.aspx) by using the following code (VB)  on the master page


@ MasterType virtualpath="~/site.master" %>


Dim mpLabel As Label = CType(Master.FindControl("LabelStatusMsg"), Label)

The above works fine. I cant seem to find a similar way to reference the master page directly from the user control though. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!



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from within a usercontrol, you should be able to do it like this:

Dim mpLabel As Label 
mpLabel = DirectCast(Me.Page.Master.FindControl("LabelStatusMsg"), Label)
Mike Banavige
Need a site code sample in a different language? Try converting it with:
3/23/2007 12:53:44 AM

Hello Mike,

That worked like a charm. Thanks!



3/23/2007 5:10:33 AM


 a c# version? with a dropdownlist instead of a Label as well.


4/15/2008 2:00:44 AM

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