How to set a Master Page's control's property through content page on a postback event?

Hi all,

i m using a master page in my application. i have a panel on master page and a tab container with three tab panels on content page. i want to set/change  the visibility of the panel control when the tab is changed on the content page. By default the panel is invisible. To implement this i executed the following steps:

1. Set AutoPostBack of tacontainer to true

2. Wrote an event handler for ActiveTabIndexChanged event of the tab container

3 Wrote the following code on Tab changed event


 if (TabContainerEmpPerformance.ActiveTabIndex == 1)
                Panel tasksListPanel = (Panel)Master.FindControl("tasksListPanel");
                tasksListPanel.Visible = true;
                Panel tasksListPanel = (Panel)Master.FindControl("tasksListPanel");
                tasksListPanel.Visible = false;

 My problem is that if i set the ActiveTabIndex of  tabcontainer to 0 at design time, though the given code executes properly on the event, panel still remains invisible. But if i set it to 1 it remains visible for all tabs. I then copied this code to content page's load event instead of tab changed. but still the problem continued.  After lots of searching i came to know that the given code gives correct result only at first page load not on postbacks though the debugger shows the lines executing if i applied a breakpoint at the code. that's why if i set the tab index to 1 at design time it shows me the panel bcoz at the first fresh page load it executes. but for further postback it don't show the desired o/p though i can see the code executing while debugging. Can anyone tell me why this is happening? I mean when the control's properties are set in page life cycle? is it before page load? may be that's why it's useless to set the visibility of the panel in page load.

Can any one please tell me how to set a Master Page's control's  property through content page on a postback event?

Please help me. Thanks in advance. :-)


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