How to access master page controls from .ascx controls?

I have a site where a master page is defined with a placeholder control in it.

In the content page I have am accessing various ascx controls from within webpanels (each panel loads an associated ascx file).
In one of the ascx files, I want to programmatically change the content of the placeholder that I put on the master page. How do you access this?
Master page :-

<asp:placeholder id="BreadCrumbs" runat="server" />

In my default.aspx page I have :-

<asp:contentwebpart id="pBlogs" runat="server" title="My Blog" scrollbars="vertical">
<datanet:BlogPart runat="server" />

With the dataNet:BlogPart pointing to an ascx file.
The ascx file is not inheriting from master in any way at the moment as it's being placed within the default.aspx page which does. So in a way it will indirectly inherit from master.
Within this ascx file I want to reference BreadCrumbs from the master page.
How do you do this?
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You need to find the breadcrumb control and then use it - something as follows (following code looks up a label l1 on the master from the content page) 
 foreach (Control c1 in this.Controls) {

if (c1.FindControl("l1") != null)
((Label)c1.FindControl("l1")).Text += " posted";
Hope that helps,
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You could probably use Master.FindControl(...)

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Fredrik, I don't like that route, you then have to fiddle with it at runtime as opposed to just using intellisense and grabbing a reference to the master page at compile time (if this makes any sense).  For instance I have the same problem.  I want to say MyMaster.SomeControl.Whatever where SomeControl is a control in MyMaster that I esposed through a public property.  That seems a bit easier to me so how would you reference a master page like that from within one of the master page's referenced user control's code behind?

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 //sample code in user control which would be placed in the master page

If TypeOf Me.Page.Master Is AdminMaster Then

Dim adminMasterPage As AdminMaster =     

DirectCast(Me.Page.Master, AdminMaster)

adminMasterPage.HeaderLabelText =”sample text”             

End If

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