How do you control the menu control?

I am using the ASP 2.0 menu control.  When my submenus display,
they display on top of the text that is already there from the content
page.  The result is an unreadable mixture of text from both the
page and the submenu.  Is there a way to force the submenu text to
be on top of the content page's text without showing the content page
text?  I don't see a property that can do this.  Thanks.
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The pop out panels should not be transparent and they should appear on top of the content page (unless the z-index of your controls are greater than 1). Please could you provide the version of ASP.NET 2.0 you are using? Also, could you paste in the markup of your page? 

Please review the following bug in the product feedback center as it might be related:

10/5/2005 6:24:12 AM
I changed the z-index of my controls to zero and that resolved everything.  Thanks.
12/1/2005 7:03:23 PM

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