Doing Postback from master page to page in master's content place holder(search page)

Hi, Currently I am trying to do a postback which returns results.

The master page has a textfield and button and the button redirects to the search page.
The search page also has a textfield and button and when the button is clicked, the query statements take the input from teh user and looks for results.

Currently, A Crosspage postback of master page + other pages in content place holder ------> master page+search page in content place holder works.

I am trying to do a postback which returns results in master page+search page which gets its input from the textbox of the master page without affecting the function of the search page.
Meaning that the search page's button still can retrieve the results on its own and the master page's button gets the input from the textbox(master page) and executes the button click event of the button(search page).

Below is the back end code that I used.

1    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
2        {
3            if (PreviousPage != null)
4            {
5                TextBox retrieved = (TextBox)PreviousPage.Master.FindControl("crossSearchTextBox");
6                basicSearch.Text = retrieved.Text;
8                if (basicSearch != null)
9                {
10                   Go_Click(Go, EventArgs.Empty);
11               }
12           }
14           if (Session["usertype"].ToString() == "Librarian" || Session["usertype"].ToString() == "LibraryUser")
15           {
16               Panel3.Enabled = false;            
17           }
19           if (!Page.IsPostBack)
20           {
21               Panel2.Visible = false;
22           }
24           if (Request.QueryString.Get("type") == "adv")
25           {
26               Tabs.ActiveTabIndex = 1;
27           }
28           else
29           {
30               Tabs.ActiveTabIndex = 0; 
31           }
32       }

basicSearch is the textbox of the searchpage.
crossSearchTextBox is the textbox of the master page.
Go_Click is the event for the button of the search page.

Can someone help me regarding this problem? Thanks.

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I did not understand what you want. Maybe is this.

This link above is a link that shows how to make a partial page update using 2.0 and the ajax framework. 

7/10/2007 2:31:10 AM

Simply put, search page and the other pages go into the content place holder of the master page.

What i am trying to do is to make the search work in master page with search page in the content place holder.
Like crosspage post back that i stated earlier on in the codes, i would like to do the same for the problem now.

7/10/2007 2:41:36 AM

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