Cannot place correctly divs on a page

I've created master page with ContentPlaceHolderID, web content form, theme folder and css file. When I write (supposing to have two divs will not cover one another):
[src asp]
	border: thick solid #00FFFF;
	height: 400px; 
	width: 400px; 
	position: absolute;

	left: 402px;
	border: thick solid #00FFFF;
	height: 400px;
	width: 400px;
	position: absolute;

It looks like on that picture
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I think you need to specify the x position of the .left class:

._left { left: 0px;


Steve Wellens

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5/4/2009 1:30:53 PM
No, it does not help. I solved it by adding BODY {margin-left: 0px;  margin-right: 0px;  margin-top: 0px;  margin-bottom: 0px;} to my css file. So for the right div I need to specify left position = width of left div + with of border, i mean, that if i write for right div {left = 151px} (when left div {width=150px}) it looks nice. Yet here is another problem - actually I need to write width in percent, so how to specify left position for right div, when width of left div is 20% ? It should be 20%+1px :)
5/4/2009 1:49:50 PM

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