Accessing master page controls from content page


Here's a snippet from my listing.master page:

<%@ master Language="C#" %> 

    public string Listing_Name
        get { return lis_name.Text; }

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
       lis_name.Text = "Hello World"


In my content page, Master.Listing_Name shows blank, why?

<%@ Page Language="C#" MasterPageFile="listing.master" %>
<%@ MasterType VirtualPath="listing.master" %>

    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
       Response.Write(Master.Listing_Name);   //  should display "Hello World"


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This is because the content page goes through page_load before the master page does so when you hit your Response.Write the master page has not yet gone through page_load and hasn't set the text property to "Hello World." If you put the Response.Write in Page_LoadComplete or Page_PreRender in your content page you should see that it returns "Hello World" as you want.
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4/20/2007 5:49:21 PM

I was going to say the same thing as the other responder but, before I did, I ran your code on my computer and it worked.  So I'm not sure why that worked for me.

One thing that I did change, though, is that you didn't have a semi-colon after the Page_Load code in the Master Page.  Once I added that in and compiled my project (without any other changes) it worked for me.

So I guess make sure that you don't have that same error in your own code because, if you do, that is the problem.  However, if you don't have that, then I would suspect it is the lifecycle order of the Master Page and the Content Pages conflicting as well.  You could set it directly in the property accessof (get { return "Hello World!";}) or just move the value setting determination to an earlier event (maybe even Page_PreInit).

Hope that helps.

Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Design: CSS, Themes, and Master Pages
by Jacob J. Sanford

4/20/2007 5:55:53 PM

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