Accessing Master Page Control event from a child page


I was wondering if it is possible to access Master Page Control events from a child page. What I mean is, I have a button on the master page, I need to modify its onclick event on a particular child page, is there a way to do it? I know how to access the control attributes, i.e.: Dim Button as Button = CType(Master.FindControl("Button1"), Button), but I can't figure out how to accss its events.

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Got it...

Page load event of the content page:

        Dim mp As MasterPage = CType(Page.Master, MasterPage)
        RemoveHandler mp.Button.Click, AddressOf mp.Button_Click
        AddHandler mp.Button.Click, AddressOf Button_Click


a separate function

    Protected Sub Button_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
'what I needed to do.
    End Sub

and some changes in the master page:

changed Private to ovveridable

    Overridable Sub Button_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.ImageClickEventArgs) Handles Button.Click

'original code
    End Sub

and added this

    Public ReadOnly Property Button() As Button
            Return Button
        End Get
    End Property

Hope this will be useful to anyone...

11/29/2008 5:45:00 PM

Thanks for posting this, Alexi. It very much put me on the right track. I had a similar (but probably less complicated) situation, and I thought I’d post my findings as well. For me, all I had to do was find the MasterPage control on Page_Load of my Content page, and then add the handler like this:

Dim ddlFacility As DropDownList = Me.Master.FindControl("ddlFacility")
AddHandler ddlFacility.SelectedIndexChanged, AddressOf MyLocalRoutine
This way I was able to execute events for this one control on both the MasterPage and the ContentPage, and I didn't have to deal with any "WithEvents" or "Overridable" calls.

Thanks again!


12/4/2008 3:49:29 PM


Glad I could help. just for clarification, in my case I had to get rid of the code in the master page as it would have conflicted with new code I was loading on the content page, hence ovveriadble and removehandler lines.

with addhandler, i understand you just added lines to the existing code in the master page.



12/7/2008 8:12:54 AM

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