Help: MySQL Time Type Null (ODBC.NET) Urgent ! ! !

Hi, All

In my web application, I'm using MySQL 4.0.21 (mysqld-max-nt)+ASP.NET 1.1 (SP1)+ODBC.NET + MyODBC 3.15.09 @window 2000 SP4 (tried 2000 standard server & professional with same error)
MDAC 2.80
I have following error:
I have a table named 'SHIFT':
`SHIFT_ID` tinyint(3) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
`SHIFT_CODE` varchar(10) NOT NULL default ''
`SHIFT_STARTTIME` time NOT NULL default '00:00:00',
`SHIFT_ENDTIME` time NOT NULL default '00:00:00',
`SHIFT_MIDDLETIME` time NOT NULL default '00:00:00',
`SHIFT_HALF_END` time NOT NULL default '00:00:00',
`SHIFT_HALF_START` time NOT NULL default '00:00:00'
having following data
1 SHIFT A 07:00:00 15:00:00 11:00:00 10:45:00 11:15:00
2 SHIFT B 15:00:00 23:00:00 19:00:00 18:45:00 19:15:00
3 SHIFT C 23:00:00 07:00:00 03:00:00 02:45:00 03:15:00
4 NORMAL 8:00:00 17:30:00 12:00:00 12:00:00 13:00:00

I try to using ODBC command to get data:

Public Function GetShiftTime(ByRef sMessage As String, _
ByVal ShiftID As Long, _
ByRef ShiftStart As TimeSpan, _
ByRef ShiftEnd As TimeSpan, _
ByRef ShiftHalf As TimeSpan, _
ByRef ShiftHalfEnd As TimeSpan, _
ByRef ShiftHalfStart As TimeSpan) As Long
Dim nResult As Long = 0
sMessage = ""
If MyConnection.State <> ConnectionState.Open Then MyConnection.Open()
sQueryString = sQueryString.Replace("@SHIFTID@", ShiftID)
Dim myAdapter As New OdbcDataAdapter(sQueryString, MyConnection)
Dim ShiftDT As New DataTable
With ShiftDT
If .Rows.Count > 0 Then
If .Rows.Count = 1 Then
ShiftStart = .Rows(0).Item(0)
ShiftEnd = .Rows(0).Item(1)
ShiftHalf = .Rows(0).Item(2)
ShiftHalfEnd = .Rows(0).Item(3)
ShiftHalfStart = .Rows(0).Item(4)
nResult = ShiftID
sMessage = "Cannot Find Matched ShiftID/Duplicated ShiftID in Shift Table!"
End If
sMessage = "No Record In Shift Table!"
End If
End With
Catch ex As Exception
sMessage = ex.Message
nResult = -1
End Try
Return nResult
End Function
Debug mode, system will throw exception when access
ShiftStart = .Rows(0).Item(0)
I checked ShiftDT.Row(0).Item(0) under immediate window. The result is DBNull.
While using mysql, I run the same SQL
I can get the correct data:
7:00:00 15:00:00 11:00:00 10:45:00 11:15:00

I guess it's because of ODBC cast time to timespan error.
Please help to give me a hand.
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Please do NOT use MyODBC 3.51.09. There's a bug in converting Time Type: converted to DBNull or '00:00:00';

MyODBC 3.51.06 is working fine.
10/4/2004 2:49:36 AM

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