Can't connect to MySQL database using ODBC.NET

I recently downloaded and installed ODBC.NET from Microsoft Download Center site. I can reference the namespace (Microsoft.Data.Odbc) in my project and the code (C#) compiles just fine. However, at runtime, I cannot connect to the database. It keeps complaining about not being able to find the data source.

The connection string is:
If I use MySQL ODBC driver, I have no problem whatsoever. The connection string is almost the same, only Driver={MySQL} is replaced by Driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver}.
I checked in ODBC Data Sources applet, and ODBC.NET is not listed in the drivers list, although MySQL ODBC driver is there. That may explain the above failure. I tried to figure out how to get the driver listed there, I installed several times on my machine, then I installed it on a different computer, still no luck. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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