this in <% using Html.Form<ProductController>(p=>p.Update(ViewData.Product.ProductID))%>

How do I do this in
<% using Html.Form<ProductController>(p=>p.Update(ViewData.Produc t.ProductID))%>

This is using a lambda for the form tag in c#, I searched everywhere for the correct syntax?

 I tried this with no luck:
<% Using Html.Form(Of ProductController)(Function(p) p = ViewData.Product.ProductID)%>


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VB.NET doesn't support Lambda expressions.   

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4/5/2008 4:27:59 AM

Function(p) p = ViewData.Product.ProductID

I think the proper syntax is Function(p) p.Update(ViewData.Product.ProductID).

Check for more info.  Honestly, though, if the syntax isn't familiar to you I'd recommend using one of the other overloads that doesn't use a lambda.  It'll save you time trying to decipher it when you have to go back and look at it in the future. :)

4/5/2008 5:01:53 AM

Thanks, I tried that syntax with no luck :(

 I will have to go back later and update this stuff, just trying to get it right from the get go. 

having the same problem with the ActionLink helper

4/5/2008 1:56:48 PM

Hello alivemedia!

 You're right the lack of lambda-support in VB.NET is really ackward. I use a syntax that works, but is far to long to be nicely readable, but it gives you the benefit of refactoring-support:


<%Using Html.Form(Of CustomerController)(New System.Action(Of CustomerController) _
(Function(c As CustomerController) c.Login()), FormMethod.Post)%> <%-- FORM CONTENT --%> <%End Using %>


As a workaround you need to declare the methods, which you want to use in your Html.Form() call (here it is Login() in my CustomerController class), as functions of type object (or something) else and just return Nothing in the respective Method. This worked for me. A sample Login() method would look as follows:


1    Public Class CustomerController
2        Inherits System.Web.Mvc.Controller
4      Public Function Login() As Object
6         RenderView("Login")
7         Return Nothing
9      End Function
11   End Class


 Hope I could help!



4/7/2008 8:38:52 PM

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