How to get MVC.NET to work on shared host?


 I am not sure what I need to tell my host in order to run an MVC.NET application on their server. I tried simply publishing it, but I got an error. My host support said to simply change the version to in the web.config file. I tried this and this did not work. I was told by my host that .NET 3.5 was installed. I am not sure what to tell them to do in order to allow MVC.NET applications to run.

Thanks in advance


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 They'll need to download and install the extentions. 

However, it's likely to be shared hosting, and considering the extensions are not even in beta, it's just a preview, it's unlikely that your host will be willing to install it.


Good luck. 

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Rather than installing the extensions, can you not just copy the new .dll's to your bin directory?

1/24/2008 12:12:37 AM

Should I change something in web.config except simple copying System.Web.Extensions.dll to /bin directory?

2/3/2008 10:15:06 PM


You may just replace the corresponding assembly references from inside the opened solution in Visual Studio.

Choose these "copied-to-bin" files as the new referencies.

2/7/2008 8:06:04 AM

 System.Web.Extensions with MVC is, so what they told you is wrong.

Ben Scheirman

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2/7/2008 10:01:59 PM

ScottGu says that this is going to be addressed in next the drop of MVC released at the same time as MIX08 (Early March).

Quote: The ASP.NET MVC Framework can be deployed in the \bin directory of an app and work in partial trust

Kind regards,


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