MPS Web Services VS WES Web services

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I am new to this post and I am looking for clarifications on HMC 4.5 provisioning. I am building an sample application that uses the MPS Web Services to provision HMC 4.5. I am confused with the terminology difference between a MPS Web Service and a WES  Web service. I have a architecture diagram for HMC 4.5 provisioning where in MPS can be connected to as follows:

a) Sample Provisioning UI ----> MPS Web Services ------> MPF Client Wrapper .Net ----> ..... 

b) Connected Services Framework (CSF) ----> WES Web Services -----> MPF Client Wrapper .Net ----> ..... 

Now it seems that we could provision HMC 4.5 in 2 ways i.e. using MPS Web Services and via the WES Web service. What are the differences between the MPS and WES Web Services?

The MPS SDK documentation section titled "Generate ASP.NET 2.0 Web Services" speaks about WES and not about MPS Web services. That is the section leading to confusion.

The "Sample Provisioning UI Dev .Net solution" i.e. "MPSSampleWebUI.sln" (that ships as part of MPS SDK or HMC 4.5 solution kit) has web references to Hosted AD, Hosted Email 2007 and the web URI for example is "--http://provfe/mpsws/hostedemail2007/service.asmx". 

Does this mean that the MPSSampleWebUI.sln invokes the MPS Web Services? If not, can some one point me to a sample .Net solution that invokes the MPS Web services? I am also looking for WSDLs for the MPS Web Services (I am assuming that the WSDL resulting from the Service.asmx file mentioned above is WES).

Any help/clarification in this regard is appreciated.





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I share this confusion, did you figure it out ?


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