Web forms and mobile web forms

Hey everyone,

I am looking to develope a web site that depending on the device connecting to it, it will display a certain page.
In this case im looking to create a web and wap version of the same project.
I have the Web forms version finished using ASP.NET and C# and I am wondering how to create the mobile web form and incorporate it in the project.
In the project folder, can I just add a mobile web??? But what about displaying device specific pages??
3/18/2005 1:44:05 PM
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Yes, you can add mobile web forms and controls to your Web Application project. No problem. For device/browser capabilities check out BrowserCapabilities (usage: Request.Browser) and MobileCapabilities (usage: MobileCapabilities mc = (MobileCapabilities)Request.Browser) classes.
Gunnar Peipman

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3/18/2005 4:07:08 PM

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