Mobile Web Controls vs. Web Controls

I am using VS2003 and I have realized that Mobile Web Controls are very basic and simple.

So I saw in a post the way to use Web Controls inside Mobile Web Forms. Since then, I often use Web Controls instead of Mobile Web Controls.

I put the Web Control inside a Mobile DeviceSpecific and put this DeviceSpecific inside a Mobile Panel.

Why the Mobile Controls are so simple?  Does it happen the same in VS2005 or 2008?

And, is it right to use only Web Controls inside Mobile Web Forms?


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Why the Mobile Controls are so simple?


They are simple because they support a great feature called adaptive rendering. What this means is depending on the target mobile device, the control will alter its output to ensure compatibility for formats such as WML, HTML, xHTML, cHTML etc That is why they are so simple as to achieve this it must adopt the least common denominator across all formats.

And, is it right to use only Web Controls inside Mobile Web Forms?


By doing that you are adding the web controls to a device specific filter which I assume is set to HTML. That means your filter and all its control would only be rendered on devices that support HTML, which can be a problem if someone with a WML handset tries to browse the page as they will get a blank screen.

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