.net application Xp vs Windows Mobile / CE


 Will it be possible to run / deploy the application that you created in Windows xp prof 2.0 / 3.0 to work just fine with computers that window mobile 5.0 or ce .net edition?



3/8/2009 7:41:56 AM
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If you are talking about winforms application then it's not possible.

if it a webapplication it's possible, just the code should address the mobile device limitations, desktop computers will cope the mobile page with no problems.

3/8/2009 1:57:36 PM

So you mean to say I cant be able to call webservices from winforms in either windows ce / mobile eidtion.

I can only be able to write .aspx pages?

BTW: The mobile device is also a small computer but can only run ce / mobile. Its not a smartphone / pda

3/8/2009 3:33:16 PM

Hi saqib,

The application developed for desktop can't run on device, but the reverse can run.

 I have repied you in the thread:



Please check it.


Best regards,
Guang-Ming Bian - MSFT

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3/13/2009 9:10:58 AM

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