Sql server 7 Opening connection in asp.net; works in asp, works with OTHER sql server 7

Hi all

This is my first post here, so forgive me if I'm doing something dumb.

I have a connection string:
provider=SQLOLEDB;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=user;Initial Catalog=cat;Data Source=server.com;pwd=user

that works in asp, we use it all the time, but it does not work in asp.net. the server is sql server 7; we don't have access to the sql server. however, we have another sql server 7 that does work in asp.net.

any thought on what could be the deal, if a setting in sql server that could somehow affect asp.net but not asp?

8/1/2006 4:28:05 PM
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that is OLEDB connection string so it would be used with System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection class (if you use it as-is). But in .NET, there are classes in System.data.SqlClient namespace, optimized for SQL Server (SqlConnection is the interesting here), but with them previous connection string would need to be

"server=server.com;UID=user;PWD=user;DATABASE=cat;Persist Security Info=False

So crucial is now which connection do you use SqlConnection or OleDbConnection.


Teemu Keiski
Finland, EU
8/1/2006 4:48:08 PM

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