COM works in, not C#??

I am converting a site from asp to  This site uses a COM object and I would like to use C#.  I've included aspcompat=true in my page directive.

In, it works great.......
Dim oLDS as Object
oLDS = Server.CreateObject("ldswebapi.Lookup")

In C#, not so great........
Object oLDS = new Object();    // or Object oLDS;
oLDS = Server.CreateObject("ldswebapi.Lookup");

I get error "object does not contain a definition Initialize"

I don't get it.  Can I not use C# for this?


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Yeah you can. The problem is that VB.NET is loose. The "object" object doesn't have a method called Initialize. Your object might, but because it is of type object, C# won't recognize it. It is like turning EXPLICIT and STRICT on in VB.NET. You would have to cast your object to a COM wrapper, or Invoke it with reflection.
       Kevin Jones

2/17/2007 5:39:24 AM
So what is an example of a COM wrapper or Invoke it w/ reflection?
2/17/2007 5:13:30 PM

you can add reference your com object in Visual Studio by right click on your project and select Add Preference. Select the dlls you want to use.

 This will create an Interop dll.

You can try the following

 using ldswebapi.Lookup;

 ldswebapi.Lookup oLDS = new ldswebapi.Lookup();



Hope this helps

3/7/2007 11:20:09 PM

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