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Hello Guys,

 This is my first post kindly co-operate. I am facing a weired problem with my website. Previousoly it was running well with 1.1 then to take the benefits of advance functionality I converted it into 2.0 ajax enabled application with the help of Visual studio 2005. after testing and confirming everything I deployed it on production and then proceed with the new developement. The site worked pretty good for couple of weeks then it stared hanging/crashing several times a day when I notice the crash I immediately go and reset the IIS or change the app pool and problem gets resolved so I thought the problem is with the IIS . So I called expert to reinstall IIS but still problem was there so by blaming to faulty hardware we bought new server(windows server 2008,Intel centrio processor, 16 GB of RAM). and deploy site on new server but this was not the end. We started facing the same problem after couple of days and this thing made me to concentrate on some other things. So I started looking at the SQL server 2000(backend). I used trace management utility of SQL server 2000 but we didnt find out anything causing hang up. Meanwhile I found one interesting thing.  When I reupload my project files to the server the hang reduces upto 2-3 days and this behaviour is enough for me to convey myself that application is the real cause for the hang. I have already start rewriting most visited web pages. but still I dont see any improvement. Kindly help on above


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What do the event logs show?  Have you used any of the IIS diagnostics or the Crash/Hang tool?  See for help there.


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2/9/2009 7:07:09 PM

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for Quick response I never tried IIS debug tool. However when i tried to use it I was not sure what to do because my server has 64 bit processor and that debug tool is 32 bit so it does not support IIS process.


2/9/2009 7:29:15 PM

 I will appreciate if somebody answer.

3/5/2009 7:29:47 PM

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