SQL Server Express - SQL Server compatibility

I'm developing applications with VWD Beta1 and SQLServer Express, and when its possible I'll want to publish it on the INet.

I'll probably publish it in a server with SQLServer (without Express), and I want to know if I will have to change something in my code for this change.
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3/14/2005 6:22:14 AM
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If you don't use any specific SQl 2005 Features, you should probably not need to change your code (Maybe only the connection string so it will target the other Sql Server).
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3/14/2005 6:29:16 AM
OK, thats a good new. Thanks
subgurim.net: blog de ASP.NET 2.0 con C# en castellano
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3/14/2005 9:08:42 AM
And what about sqlserver 2000?? can I change easyly from sqlserver 2005 to sqlserver 2000?

subgurim.net: blog de ASP.NET 2.0 con C# en castellano
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4/1/2005 8:56:35 AM

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