Help! Running .net 1.1 website on server with .net 2.0

Hi All,

I have problems with running my .net version 1.1 website on a server that has .net version 2.0. Also my database is in sql server 2003 and on the server it is sql server 2005. The error that I am getting is: "unhandled exception..." and "invalid connection..."

Please help! Kindly let me know if I have to modify my web.config file or other changes.

(The website is working properly on my current server with sql server 2003 and .net framework version 1.1. )

Will let you know more details if required.


Regards and thanks. 

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did you migrate your application to that server? If so check if the virtual folder of your IIS is configured to run as an ASP.NET 1.1 application. You can see that in the properties (inetmgr in the run command box) of the virtual folder and there you should see a tab ASP.NET.

There are also dedicated forums about IIS on

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Map your application to 1.1 (in IIS right click your virtual directory goto tab).

If you have installed Dotnet Frame work 2.0 after 1.1 there is a possibility the IIS will be pointing to 2.0. If version 1.1 is naot available in ASP.Net tab register the 1.1 scripts again (aspnet_regiis.exe -i)

Since you are using sql 2005 from a remote machine have you enable remote connection in SQL server.If not follow these procedure

Steps to Enable Remote Connections

Under SQL2005 program menu follow configuration Tools =>SQL Server Surface Area Configuration => Select  Server Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections.

It will lead to a window with a treeview select Remote connections.Then Select Local and Remote Connections.

Let Me know if u need any further help 

Ashok Raja

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