Problem upgrading VS 2003 Web to VS 2005 Web Application Project


I've just attempted to upgrade an existing 2003 web project to 2005 as per Scott's instructions at: and I'm getting an error dialog at step 6.4, on attempting to re-open the solution with the ProjectType changed to guids:   "A project with that name is already opened in the solution.".  

One colleague reproduced my error; another ran through the same sequence and does not get the error, so I guess it's an environment or installation issue.  Anyone seen the same issue and found a work-around?


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Hi Garth,

That error typically happens when you are trying to use the C# GUID on a VB project.  The GUID's are actually language specific -- which is why it probably worked with a C# project but not the VB one.

BTW -- we are about to release an update of the Web Application Project option later this week that automates the upgrade.  If you want to send me email ( I can email a copy of it to you sooner.

Hope this helps,


4/2/2006 9:27:55 PM
Thanks Scott,
I replaced the C# guid with the VB one, and I'm back on track... thanks!

4/2/2006 11:04:09 PM

Hi Scott,

 Could you please elaborate on this?

I have Service Pack 1 installed and the solution contains many projects, one of them Web Application Model. 

After migration, i closed the solution and reloaded.  Occasionally I get 1 or 2 projects displaying that message, and subsequently once the solution is loaded, they appear as "unavailable".  However, if i reload those projects by right clicking and select Reload Project, they would just reload fine.


Siew Fai

4/20/2007 2:17:25 AM

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