Converting 1.1 Web Project to a 2.0 Web Application Project, then and now...

Hey all,

I hope I can explain this correctly, as I am completely lost as to what was and is going on.

About 6-8 months ago, I installed VS2005 Professional on my notebook and got the VS2005 WAP conversion installation, which was a seperate add on at the time. I took a couple small 1.1 applications and as I recall pointed to the .vbproj file and allowed the conversion wizard to do it's thing and then went through the output fixing all the code which was no longer 2.o compliant (ie. Like the SMTP class changes).

 Now, on my Desktop I was told to install VS2005 Team System and patch it installed the WAP piece. Now when trying to point to the .vbproj file, it walks through the conversion wizard but the ony thing converted is the project file and after many failed attempts, I pointed to the .sln (solution file) and it converted to 2.0 successfully. But it's allowing the application (VS2005 WAP) to run "as is" without having to chnge a single line of code (ie. like the SMTP pieces) ?!?!?

 I'm confused ?!?!

 -Brent Thomas



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Just to clean up my post...

I was able to make it through almost all the Warnings and HTML changes (yikes !!!) and found out that since only 102+ Warnings are shown at a time, eventually the SMTP Warnings/Errors came to be shown and corrected.

I have to think that the "early" version of the WAP Conversion I had on my Notebook classified the "now Warnings" as Errors and required fixing to build, where as the "newer" version of the WAP Conversion allows the issues are Warnings and allows building and Publishing.


None the less, it's all good now


-Brent Thomas


4/17/2007 6:28:34 PM