how can we give text decorations on a button;i am keeping resource files for the button

Hi all

how can we give text decorations on a button;i am keeping resource files for the button

i would like to use below written like localization with asp button control

 <asp:Label ID="lblFerryNo" runat="server" Text="Ferry <u>N</u>umber:" AccessKey="N"
                                            AssociatedControlID="txtFerryNo" meta:resourcekey="lblFerryNoResource1"></asp:Label>

but i cannt acheive localization instead i am getting like this( "Ferry <u>N</u>umber") on control text



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Check your resource file and make sure that you have a resource for lblFerryNoResource1.Text in the language you are running. If you don't the default text is used.

 Also check in Visual Studio by compiling the project. If there are problems with the resource provider or missing resources you should see errors in the error list which hopefully can provide more info on what's wrong.

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