Accessing a Com object using Get Object

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We have a slight problem trying to access a COM Object.
Reading some of the threads in this forum, people have mentioned trying to connect to a COM Object, but everyone has suggested using CreateObj.
We cannot do this as the object is already created, we need to Get this object.
Obviously you can use the GetObj command in VB6, but we cannot find away of Getting this object either through a webservice.
Feel free to move this to the correct forum.
Any help will be greatly recieved.
C Goulding
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I can't tell from your posting exactly what you're trying to accomplish.  It almost sounds like you're trying to return a instance to an existing object through a web service.  If this is your goal, then I'm afraid you are out of luck.  Web services allow you to move data back and forth across trust boundaries, not executable code or object instances.

If I've missed something, please try another post to clear up my misconceptions.

Bruce Johnson [.NET MVP]
11/9/2004 1:38:18 PM

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