Whidbey installation problem - runtime files won't install

Hi I'm having a problem installing the PDC whidbey version and I'm wondering if anyone experienced the same problem and got it solved.

I've tried to install Whidbey on two different OS versions, I tried a clean Longhorn version (pdc bits) and a Windows 2003 server standard edition with Yukon (beta 1, pdc) installed and all security updates from windowsupdate.
Both are running under Virtual PC (which I gues is probably the source of all problems)
After starting the installation, the .NET Prerequisites need to be installed (Frontpage server extensions, something else and the runtime files. The first two install without problem on both machines, the runtime files keep failing over and over again. I tried running only the prereq installation, but that doesn't work either.
Anyone a suggestion (apart from not trying it under Virtual PC :-)
Information from the MS error report after instal:
EventTypeName : VisualStudio8Setup
P1 : Visual Studio .NET Prerequisites - English P2 : 8.0.30703.27
P3 : FAILED P4 : - p5 : - P6 : - P7 : - P8 : - P9 : -
From the install log, this seems the spot where it goes wrong:
[01/22/04,16:41:33] Setup.exe: Setup Runtime Files [{D81A7DE0-C77E-419B-B83D-D53AB984CC1A}]
[01/22/04,16:41:33] vs70uimgr: Entering RunningComponent() method.
[01/22/04,16:41:33] Setup.exe: GetGlobalCustomProperty({4F8791EE-486F-44B5-952B-F28F9FD58BD0})
[01/22/04,16:41:33] VS70BaseUI: ISetupManager::GetGlobalCustomProperty() failed to find global prop in CProgressPage::RunningComponent()
[01/22/04,16:41:33] VS70BaseUI: {4F8791EE-486F-44B5-952B-F28F9FD58BD0}

1/22/2004 3:54:22 PM
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