vs2003 and vs2005


can i install vs2003 and vs2005 in the same system, using xp having 1.1 and 2.0 version


Jai Ganesh. J , GSD ,India

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12/6/2006 9:33:35 AM
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       Kevin Jones

12/6/2006 9:50:49 AM

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Installing VS2003 after VS2005 was installed ?!?!
I have been trying to get up to spead on VS2005 on my notebook, so with a clean install of Windows XP all patched up, I installed VS2005, the WAP "Add on" and converted a couple of Projects. All Success and learning curve aside, I have now found the need to have VS2003 runing on the notebook as well, I hestitently took the leap and installed VS2003. It installed fine and when I created a new Project and built, it all looked good, but then I relized that it looks as if the build settings from VS2005 are taking over ?!?!   I expected to see my folder and build show up in my Inetpub dire...

Have VS2005, ? installing VS2003
I've installed VS2005 (and converted an app using asp.net 1.x).  Now about to try installing VS2003, since for the limited changes I'm making to the asp.net 1.x app , it may be easier on me to just add them using VS2003, rather than converting it.  Anyway, VS2003 setup is flagging me to put in the prerequisites disk, saying some of my system components don't match versions required for VS2003 .NET.  I'm worried doing this will wipe out something VS2005 needs.  I would think having VS2005 installed would provide everything required by VS2003. ...

How to Instal VS2005 with VS2003
How can I install VS2005 on a PC that has VS2003 already installed.  I need to have both working.  I need to be able to create new we applications for both VS2005 and VS2003.Installation Steps?Cautions?ThanksJay This scenario is fully supported.  You're able to install VS2003 and VS2005 on the same machine in any order.Thanks, Leonid This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. I have found that it was easier to install VS 2003 products then the VS 2005 products, this makes sure that the file associations are correct. When I ...

Upgrade/migration issues from VS2003+.NET 1.1 to VS2005+.NET 2.0
Hi,  Visual Studio is great when everything works well and you don't know what is happening under the hood. However when things don't work it is really frustrating since you just don't know what is going on.  I have a project (a web site) that was originally developed for VS2003 and ASP.NET 1.1. When I loaded this project on VS2005 (and ASP.NET 2.0), VS told me that it will migrate it to the new environment: it did a number of things, generated a migration report and created/moved files under App_code and such directories. I tried this process a number of times b...

Error:Visual Studio .NET cannot create or open the application. The likeliest problem is that required components are not installed on the local Web server. Run Visual Studio .NET setup and add the We
Hi, I installed the IIS 5.0 after VS.Net 2003 (1.1). after that I did run the aspnet_regiis -i at the visual studio command prompt. I am able to run local web application created on my PC. But when I tried to copy an web application created at shared PC into the wwwroot folder, I get the following error while trying to open the project in VS.Net. I've created the virtual directory for the project and also set the integrated windows authentication under the directory security tab in the IIS. Please help me resolving the problem. Thank You.   Do you have FrontPage Server Ext...

Visual Studio .NET cannot create or open the application. The likeliest problem is that required components are not installed on the local Web server. Run Visual Studio .NET setup and add the Web Deve
I installed Visual Studio .NET 2003 on Windows Vista Home Premuim, but I'm unable to select "Web Development" item from "Server Components" during the installation. I installed all the pre-requisits but I can not see Front Page Server Extention in the programs. I can see also the IIS. Appreciate if any one can guide me with the solution.   Thanks.   FPSE is not included with Vista, it's a separate download.  See www.iis.net for this. JeffPlease: Don't forget to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helped you. Tha...

installation of vs2003 and vs2005 side by side
how would i installed without any problem both of these side by side. does the application made on vs2003 can run without any problem in vs.net 2005. i am running vs2003 without any problem for the past some times now so i am little skeptical in moving to it , but the new features are really tempting .     I run both Studio 2003 and Studio 2005 on my machine and have no problems.  I didn't do anything special, just installed them both.  I use the built in webserver for 2005 development, just to keep .NET 2.0 out of IIS.The only "problem" with having both, is...

Upgraded VB.NET from VS2003 to VS2005
I have added new components in C#.  The C# code preforms normally.  But changes in the VB code are not executed.  I can step through the VB code and watch it execute code that is no longer there.  I have run clean, and rebuilt the solution and web site. But I still get old code executed.  Where is the old module stored and how can I replace it? Thanks, Hi, Based on my understanding, when you run the code, the changes on the code is not applied. If we insert the breakpoint on that code, does it can be hit or show some warning message on the breakpoint? This looks ...

Installing VS2005 & VS2003 on the same machine?
Hi All, I've been using VS2003 for a while now, but I would also like to install VS2005 on the same machine so that I can use the Framework 2.0 features. Is there any problem or issue arise? Anyone has try it? Thanks This is a very frequently asked question in this forum.  Yes indeed, you can install VS2005 on the same machine with no ill effects.  The VS2003 sites can use ASP.NET 1.1 and the VS2005 sites can use 2.0.Terri MortonEngagement Manager, NeudesicHow to ask a question The next question that you may have is can I run both ASP.NET 1.1 and ASP.NET 2.0 on the same serve...

Can VS2005 and VS2003 installed on the same machine?
If not, How to convert VS2003 projects to VS2005 projects? Is it safe to use the Migration Wizard Tool? How much risk and effort for me to do this? Is there any one can help me out? Thanks!!! Yes, both VS 2003 and VS 2005 can be installed on the same machine.  It was a configuration tested throroughly before we shipped.  The Migration Tool is safe.  It prompts you to backup the web site before it migrates.  If you back up your web site before you migrate you can always revert to the original. For migration help see the migration forum http://forums.asp.n...

installing .net 1.1 framework after .net 2.0 framework has already been installed
I am configuring my server 2003 (standard edition) to host a service application that will be accessed with mobile devices. The requirement for the mobile licenses to work properly is that I install the 1.1 framework. I downloaded the redistributable file and went to install it and was prompted, "The product you are trying to install has already been installed with your operating system. Use Windows update to install the latest updates." Through the "add/remove programs" window there is no indication the .net 1.1 framework is installed. When I navigate to C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft .NET...

Installation order of VS2005-VS2003 on a new pc?
Installed Windows.. All Updates.. IIS.. then .Net Frameworks 1.1/2.0... and am ready to install my VS's... wanting to be able to run 2003 and 2005 side by side.  Should I install 2003, apply updates.. then 2005?  or visa-versa?  Thanks! I've installed both in either order without any issues, so it really doesn't matter which order you install it in.Ryan OlshanASPInsider | Microsoft MVP, ASP.NEThttp://ryanolshan.comHow to ask a question...

VWD setup looking for .Net 2
Hi - I'm trying to install Visual Web Developer 2005 Express. I have installed Beta 2 .Net framework, but the setup ofr VWD keeps advising me that 'the prerequisite programs are not installed' and then lists .Net Beta 2. After installation of Beta 2, is there something else I need to do (other than reboot, which I have done) to make it recognise it is installed? Thanks for any help, Mark...

SQLServer2005 does not install after installation of VS2005
Hi, i have Visual Studio 2005 installed on my computer and i´m trying to install SQL Server 2005, but the following error occurs:  SQL Server Setup could not run. Another instance of SQL Server Setup is already running. The running instance must complete before you can run SQL Server Setup again. What does VS2005 install in order for this conflict to happen? Thanks, SP VS installs SQL 2005 Express.  Finish the installation and reboot. JeffPlease: Don't forget to click "Mark as Answer" on the post that helped you. That way future readers will...

Creating custom installer to install .net framework and installer of another software
 hii m trying to create a custom installer which will install .net framework 2.0 and i have another installer  of a software that i also want to be installed on Install(System.Collections.IDictionary stateSaver) event. Is it possible with custom installer.or i need to use something else like setup Project/Web setup project.please help me out  Regardsnav  Hi nav, Based on my understanding, you want to install .NET Framework 2.0 and another installer with your setup project. If I have misunderstood you concern, please let me know. In my opinion, you need setup boot...

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