Trying to get a 2.0 site (with AJAX.NET) working on Server 2000

I recently wrote an application using AJAX.NET (and obvioulsy .NET 2.0).  When I went to publish the site on the server I realized that neither .NET 2.0 or AJAX.NET were installed.


I downloaded both and installed.  Rebooted the server to be sure.


After I created the virtual directory, I went to check the site.  I got a parse error ont he web.config file, immediately I realized that I forgot to set the site to 2.0 from 1.1 (like I do EVERY SINGLE TIME, but that is not here nor there). 


The wierd thing is, is that once I switched over to 2.0 when I try to open the site I get a "The page cannot be found" (HTTP error 404). 


Any body got any suggestions? 



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 Just make sure that the extension is allowed on your IIS refer to the below link to do so 

Hosam Kamel

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10/23/2007 8:00:02 PM

Fist of all thank you for your help.

 I tried checking the web service extensions and i dont even see 2.0 there....i think this is the issue.


Any advice would be appreciated, but i think I have pletny figureout from here on my own.

10/23/2007 8:19:39 PM

If you running ASP.NET 1.1 with ASP.NET 2.0 on the Same IIS you need to separate the two applications into different application pool. 

Hosam Kamel

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10/23/2007 8:41:51 PM

That was it!

 Thanks a million!!!


10/23/2007 9:46:04 PM

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