NET Framework & .NET Framework Software Development Kit??

I know some regular HTML, just enough to get me in trouble  if I'm not careful. So basically I am completley new to this stuff. I do some programming here at home for my own use but nothing Web style, my son has suggested this for me as another project to learn on. My question is I have downloaded and installed the 2 files referenced in the subject line. This is the question, is there susposed to be an Editer in there somewhere? If so where if not just say no. I did download WebMatrix and have looked at it. But a 508Mg SDK file surely has something in there.  Thanks alot. I'm tring to learn.
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for developing web based applications, you can use the webmatrix to great extent. Its a freeware provided by Microsoft for users who cannot afford to buy visual
Once you get a feel of the .net, then you can go for any other products. Actually the next version of .net is coming up and there are many express editions available for free download.
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