Installed VS.NET 2002. That installed 1.0, but I HAD 1.1 installed. How to remove 1.0?

I haven't seen this anywhere, so I figured I would add it here.  First of all, it is incorrect to recommend to anyone that who has VS.NET 2002 to do ANYTHING but first install VS.NET 2002.  The installl order for VS.NET 2002 and .Net Framwork 1.1 SHOULD BE:

0. Install ALL windows updates for your pc EXCEPT FOR .NET Framwork 1.1
1. Install VS.NET 2002
2. Install MSDE that comes w/VS.NET 2002 (USE A NAMED INSTANCE! Never usee the default instance)
2. Install MDAC 2.8
3. Install .Net Framework 1.1
4. SOMEHOW GET RID OF .NET Framework and get VS.NET and IIS 5.x to work with .Net Framework 1.1
5. Install MSDeskSP3.Net
6. Install MSSQL Client Tools if you have MSSQL. Don't even bother trying to install the instance.
This SHOULD be the order, and NOT anything else. I want to make sure I give the benefit of this to anyone else who has VS.NET 2002 and is trying to install everything on a new XP Pro PC. Unfortunately it's not the way it was recommended to me, and more important is my question now.
MY QUESTION IS HOW DO I get VS.NET and IIS 5.x to work with .NET Framework 1.1 so I can get rid of .NET Framework 1.0? I don't want both on my PC. And I don't want to work w/an old version of 1.1 as most of you would agree. Can anyone help me that KNOWS the answer? Anyone from microsoft? It's frustrating when you've spent 1000's of dollars on microsoft software yet can't get ANY support.
Thanks in advance for any knowledgable help.
6/2/2004 11:51:50 AM
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I should really have title this thread 'the proper way to install 2002 instead of what it is.  If a mod could change it, I'd appreciate it.  No one who has VS.NET 2002 will find this with this subject, and there's a thread I found that discusses at least switching from 1.0 to 1.1, though the tool discussed doesn't address all the issues unfortunately.
6/2/2004 2:50:27 PM
The point is fairly easy: VS.NET 2002 was written when ASP.NET v1.0 was developed and thus needs v1.0 to work with. VS.NET 2003 uses the framework v1.1 and thus uses ASP.NET v1.1. To get a clean start, use VS.NET 2003 instead (which is a rather cheap upgrade when coming from VS.NET 2002!).

Bart De Smet [MVP]

6/4/2004 11:32:07 PM
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