HELP - Installing VS.NET 2003 on Windows 2000 Pro without IIS, and use IIS 6.0 on Windows 2003 Server

I am having troubles understanding what I need to do to integrate Visual Basic .NET 2003 with IIS 6.0, where VS.NET is installed on my Windows 2000 machine, but the IIS is running on a separate Windows 2003 Server.

We purchase Visual Basic .NET Standard.   I assume that is all that is required for creating ASP.NET pages, Web services and Web applications?

We ran the setup on the Windows 2000 machine.   The prerequisites were installed, followed by VB.NET.   We installed the .NET Framework 1.1 SDK and then the .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1.

On the Windows 2003 Server, IIS 6.0 was installed, followed by .NET Framework 1.1 SDK, and then Windows 2003 Server Service Pack 1 (which includes the .NET Framework SP1 patches).    I then went into Add/Remove Windows Components and added ASP.NET and Frontpage Server 2002 Extensions.

Do I also need to run setup for Visual Basic .NET on the Windows 2003 Server to enable communication between the two?   I saw an article that indicated there are server components that should be installed?   Are these shipped with Visual Basic .NET or do you need something else?

Any and all help is appreciated.   If you have any useful links for installation please send them my way.

10/27/2005 6:57:41 PM
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I am pretty sure you need to have IIS installed locally to use VS.NET to develop ASP.NET applications.

Just install the IIS that comes with your win2k box and you should be good to go.  Just make sure you remember to register the framework with IIS after you have it installed.

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10/28/2005 4:32:22 PM

Thanks for your comments.   I continued to try and get things working, and found something suggesting aspnet_regiis /i to register with IIS.   I did this, and then followed up on a problem related to cached credentials which was fixed by rejoining the domain, and after that, I seem to be able to use FrontPage Server Extensions to create my web application on the remote server.    Using UNC as a Web Access type still fails, but as long as I have some way to do it that is good.    Having said that, I still do not know if this is the best way to do this, and still think I'm missing some important steps in the installation process.   It seems Microsoft has hundreds of KB articles each with different steps (very confusing).

My Windows 2003 Server running IIS 6.0 is running in a virtual PC (vmware environment).   I have several other pieces of software installed on the web server, and as patches come out, I need to be able to test the effect they have on the whole system.   Using a virtual machine is ideal because I can install a patch or upgrade some component, and then revert if it breaks something, and try again.

Any further comments or suggestions are appreciated.

In the meantime, the next piece of the puzzle is getting the remote debugging working.

10/28/2005 9:21:20 PM