Getting Started with Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 and Visual Web Developer Express Edition 2005 Beta 2

Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 was released on 4/17/2005.  Here's some important information for users to get started with:

  • If you installed any version of Whidbey Beta 1 products, you must uninstall all Whidbey Beta 1 products before installing Beta 2.  The following links provide details and additional information about uninstalling:

Finally, if you encounter any bugs with the product, we want to hear from you.  We recommend following this process before submitting a new bug:

  1. A 'bug' is some feature of the product that isn't working correctly and can be isolated from problems in your own application - for example, if you can break the problem down into the minimum number of steps to reproduce the problem and can consistently do so, then you can consider it a bug.
  2. Problems you're having with getting your own application to work may or may not be caused by a bug in the product.  When in doubt, use these forums to post your problem and get help first.
  3. Please search the forums and existing bug reports on the MSDN Product Feedback Center for duplicate bugs before submitting your bug. 
  4. When you've determined that you have a bug to report after following the above steps, you can submit it at  Make sure you provide as much detail as possible for us to reproduce the problem.  Also, check for responses from the developers in case we need more information.
  5. You should get an acknowledgement from us in about a week.  It may take longer for us to determine the next step for resolving the bug.  In any case, you'll hear back from us when we've determined the fix or when we've resolved the bug for other reasons (such as a duplicate bug or insufficient repro information).

Thanks for your interest in Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Web Developer 2005.  We hope you have a great experience with Beta 2.

Rich Ersek

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4/26/2005 6:21:27 PM
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