Changing from 32 Bit Server to 64 Bit Server?

Hi all,

we want to buy a new server but doesn't know which bitting.
I've googled two days about this, and i found out that it should be a little faster then on 32 bit Servern but nothing exactly.

Has anyone experience with running a webapp (32 bit) on a 64 bit Server? Is it fast as on a 32 bit Server?

What about a 64 bit webapp on a 64 bit Server?! Is this webapp faster as compiled on 32 bit on a 32 bit Server?

What are the differences? I know that you can run Framework 1.1 on a 64 bit Server and that you can run 32 bit webapps (with a little iis configuration :-))

thanx for answering
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It all depends really on what your web application is designed to do.

If you are not using caching or complex arithematic functions - then 32 bit will probably be your best bet.

Yes, 32 bit web applications do gain some performance when running in WOW64.  However - mainly if caching is enabled as it will be able to have a bit more memory than 32 bit on 32 bit.

If your application does use caching - this will be where you see the greatest benefit of x64.  As it can address something like %80 of the installed memory (that setting can be changed with a machine.config entry or reg entry).  Under x32 this amount of cache is limited to to something like 1.8 GB and is shared with the clr instance.  So with x64 that means if you have  10gb of memory you will be able cache in memory around 7.5 mb of data.  Which in the long run can really increase performance as you can offload a bunch of DB calls. 

Cost wise - you will probably get more bang for your buck going with x64 especially if you go with AMD Opteron series.... There is no additional OS cost penalty for the x64 versions of the OS.

-- jody
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