Anyway to re-install .net framework on a botched install that wont un-install?


Newbie User (me)

64bit machine

Win Server 2008 Beta 3 Data Center  64bit

SharePoint Services 3.0

SharePoint Server

Project Server

SQL Express

SQL Server


Ok so All I wanted to do was get a test bed up for Project Server ..


I installed SharePoint Services and Project Server.. it worked ..  the tech update feature had a minor error at the end so as a newbie I just figured I would install Share Point Server to fix it ..  etc


.. then it seemed like I had some missing features in Project Server so I installed the AS DC (Domain controler) .. That screwed everything up because the domain controler should have been installed before all the other stuff ... (names and services where not registered properly in the Domain controler .. something to that effect - remember newbie)


So I tried to back out stuff leaving the Domain controler ..  nothing will uninstall.  Error is something to the effect of "This is needed by SharePoint" ...  No matter what I try SharePoint services or the Sharepoint server / project server will NOT uninstall.


Anyway so I uninstalled the domain controler .. screwed everything up again ..  to try to remove the sharepoint server-project server ..  still nothing will un-install.


One depends on the other .. or I should say one prevents the other from uninstalling .. so if one is fubared then your totally stuck.  I am limited to the repair feature of SharePoint...


Using the repair feature and a few other forum readings I have goten a a little closer to making this work.


One of the issues I have now is ... during one of the uninstall attempts I tried to remove a bunch of server services at the same time.

Win Server 2008 Beta 3 started the uninstall of SharePoint serices and ASP.NET ..   it tried to remove both and failed on SharePoint services ... so it left share point services ..  ASP.NET was deleted but the server requires ASP.NET so it put back the place holder that the software was installed even though it was deleted.  (it could have been deleted during the domain removal I didn't notice it missing until later)

Right now my Program Files\Microsoft.NET\  directory is empty beside a directory for Microsoft.AnalysisServices.AdomdClient.xml 


I can't install .net framework because the install package reports "Already installed" and finishes.

Sadly the .net framework install package does not come with a repair function.  That would be nice.

Any help fixing the framework issue would be nice.   I will post in the other section about removing SharePoint Server stuff, etc.

May be some pointers in the registery where i can convince WinServer 2008 Beta 3 that the framework is not really installed ? 




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If you still have files in this directory: c:\windows\\framework\v2.0.50727

you should find this file: aspnet_regiis.exe

Use the /? parameter to see help (e.g. c:\windows\\framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_regiis.exe /?)

aspnet_regiis.exe -ir will reinstall the .net framework

There are other programs in that directory for installing/uninstalling various features of the .net framework, such as for sql server or runtime browser capabilities. Hope this helps.

6/29/2007 2:19:28 AM

I have nothing in my directory ... but I will look for those files in one of the server install directories ... may be I can manually extract them and then try your idea.


Thanks !


If anyone has any registry knowledge on how to remove the "YES This is installed" toggle that would be great too ... then I can do an offical install.

Who knows what this newbie is going to miss doing the manual copy :-)


6/29/2007 9:50:57 AM

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