Don't waste your time: IE Web Controls doesn't work for 1.1

From MSDN:

"This product is only compatible with machines running builds of the .NET Framework (1.0.3705.0) and Visual Studio® .NET (7.0.9466)."
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Works just fine for me.  And Microsoft uses it with Content Management Server 2002 on Windows 2003......
10/7/2003 6:51:21 PM
I've had no problems with the IE Web Controls on 1.1 whatsoever.  As a matter of fact, I have them running on a 8-node web farm.
10/8/2003 4:05:56 AM

MSDN contains outdated data (readme January 22, 2003).
If that was right, (as you installed 1.1), you should have been rejected from Check to see if you have the .NET Framework Installed here.
Check you don't use VS.Net 2002 with 1.1
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