VWD 2008 Express & SQL Server 2008 Express & Hosting Options

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On my development PC, I am using Visual Web Developer 2008 Express (the free one) along with SQL Server 2008 Express (the free one).  I am building a small scale database application (1 database) and would like to host this on the internet so that others can access it and report back on usability and bugs etc.  It doesn't need to be mega-fast at the moment.

I am unsure of what type of hosting to buy, as there are many different options available.  I guess I have the following questions :

  • Is there hosting specific to the "Express" products I am using? 
  • Most hosting options I have seen involve the full blown SQL Server (either 2005 or 2008).  Would my application and database be compatible with these or would I have to convert/upscale every time I deploy?
  • In the future, my application might grow and require more than 1 database or more than a handful of users.  How easy is it to then upscale my database to the full blown counterparts?

Any help or advice you can give is much appreciated.  Thanks in advance Yes

3/31/2009 10:56:20 AM
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 First, what you create the code with doesn't matter, so forget about Visual Web Developer even being a parameter in your decision.  Second, SQL Express databases can easily be hosted in a full SQL Server environment, so anything supporting SQL Server will do.


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3/31/2009 12:45:38 PM

Thanks for the quick reply Jeff. 

Should I be bothered about choosing SQL Server 2005 or 2008 versions?  Several hosting companies appear to give you the choice.

3/31/2009 1:07:13 PM

If you're using SQL Express 2008, go with a SQL Server 2008 host.


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3/31/2009 4:43:18 PM

one thing for sure here is that in case you are using SQL Express 2005, you can always choose a host that supports SQL 2005 or SQL 2008. But, if you are using SQL Express 2008, you can only choose a host with SQL 2008. You can always "upgrade" the sql version, but you cannot "downgrade" it as SQL Server is not backward compatible. Please see asphostcentral.com for your SQL 2008 hosting solution.

Hope this helps

Best of all,

Teddy Luscombe
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4/1/2009 1:48:47 AM

Hi, infaddict,

It is recommended you choose to host your application with MS SQL Server 2008, it will provide full compatibility with your current SQL 2008 Express database and also the latest features and security updates.

If you are planning to improve your appllication for the future with more users, try to look for larger MS SQL server 2008 database size allowed and maximum amount of database that the web host company provided.

Mostly, you could always talk with your web host company about the add on database and settings in case you require more database to include with your application.

Good Luck!



Roy Trevor

Following latest ASP hosting technologies. :)

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4/1/2009 4:05:55 AM

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