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How do I set up secure FTP access for IIS?
dene schonknecht

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I did a quick search of the threads and found one about FTP security here:

Basically in IIS 6 you can use the “User Isolation Mode” functionality to do exactly what you are talking about.

To create a new FTP site that isolates users with Active Directory

1.In IIS Manager,. expand the server node WEB01, expand FTP Sites, right-click Default FTP Site, and then select Stop.

2.Right-click the FTP Sites folder, point to New, and then click FTP Site

3.Provide the required information in the FTP Site Description and IP Address and Port Settings dialog boxes, and then click Next.

4.In the FTP user Isolation dialog box, click Isolate users using Active Directory, and then click Next.

5.Complete the remaining steps of the wizard.

6.Right-click the new FTP site you created, and click Properties.

7.Click the Security Accounts tab. If the Allow anonymous connections box is selected, in the user name and Password boxes, enter a user name and password to use to authenticate anonymous users. This user should not be a local computer user, but rather a domain user with appropriate home directory configuration in the Active Directory object.

8.Type a default logon domain name. This domain name is given to users who do not specify their user domain when they log on. In other words, a user connecting with the user name domain1\user1 is authenticated against domain1, while a user connecting as user2 is authenticated against the default logon domain. If a default domain is not set, and a user does not specify a domain name, access is denied for all but anonymous users.
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7/16/2004 10:03:18 PM
How do I do this if I dont have AD?
dene schonknecht

microsoft * communications sector * uk

7/16/2004 10:05:23 PM
Yes, you can use local accounts for this as well.  There is lots of great info about doing this in the shared web hosting guide which is here:

Technical Account Manager
Microsoft Communication Sector North America
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7/16/2004 10:05:39 PM

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