Problem with Index Server Query

Hi All,

I have a problem regarding Index Server. I want to search a Web site with Meta Tag information. The following query searches the entire document and displays the result :
[b]"select doctitle, filename, vpath, rank, characterization from scope() where FREETEXT(Contents, '"+txtSearch.Text +"') and filename <> 'search.aspx' order by rank desc "[/b],
where txtSearch is a Server Control Text Box.
But I want the search to be specific to Meta Tags only.
Can anybody help me out.
Thanks & Regards,
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I'm not terribly familiar with Index Server, but it looks like you have to use an @Meta_ in front of your search string to limit the search to meta tags only.;en-us;185985
185985 - Using Index Server to Query and Display META TAG Information
ASP and Site Server Search Meta Tag Searching
Please let me know if you need more info and I'll dig deeper into this.

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