Issue using control created in 2003 in 2002

I have a friend that has an issue using my C# custom control in Visual 2002 that I have compiled under Visual 2003.  I never did test it with that version, but I was under the impression that it should still work as long as you don't use any features specific to the 1.1 framework (which I really don't think I did).  My guess now is that this is correct, but only when using 2002 controls in 2003.  I have searched the web, these forums, and MSDN for the last 30 minutes with no real answer.  The guy that runs MetaBuilders ( tells people to recompile his controls with 2002.  I'm hoping there is a better answer because I'd hate to maintain separate builds of my control.  Can someone else shed some light on this topic?

10/8/2003 7:51:53 PM
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