Is it possible to run custom controls in <title><meta> tags without placing the form tag at the start of the page?

I have created a group of custom controls to allow users/designers to edit the design of dynamic pages easily without doing any code, basically they get given the custom controls and can drop them into web pages and it pulls up the appropriate information when ran on my server (from the querystring/public properties etc), sounds great so far.
But my problem is that I want them to be able to put the tags into other parts of the page outside of the body tag, including the pages metadata/title etc
<title><mytag:pagename runat="server"></title>
will come out
<title>my lovely jubbly page</title>
Now I can get this to work by doing what I think must be a fudge, by putting the form start tag at the start of the page and the end tag at the end of the page.
But am I missing something? There must be a neater way of doing? Any help or hints would be appreciated?
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Are these control such that they are required to be inside form tag? That is like TextBox etc (form controls). If they aren't, you don't need to place them inside a server-side form which means you can just place them in the header etc. and access via ID as you would do for any other control.


Teemu Keiski
Finland, EU
1/27/2004 8:37:09 PM

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
I hadn't been thinking about the textbox controls being different than the label controls etc, which was bit of a mistake.
I think my best bet is to convert my server controls to inherit HTML controls instead as I am currently not using any of the more advanced features of the server controls anyway, and in so doing I can make the tags simpler to implement which is always good.
p.s. I have just tested it off and this all works fine now I am inheriting from the HTML controls, I also now do not have any need for the server side form tags
I just feel a bit of a prat not realising this in the first place.
1/27/2004 10:00:18 PM

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