Converting MDF files (SQL Server Express) to SQL Server 2005 WITHOUT having to buy SQL Server 2005 (I have Express). Personal WebSite Starter Kit

Hi (and HELP!),


I downloaded the Personal WebSite Starter Kit and got it working no problem on my local machine.  But I've had nothing but frustration trying to get it up and running on a webhosting site.  I picked which uses SQL Server 2005.  I was under the impression that it wouldn't be that big a deal to convert the .MDF files that Sql Server Express uses to a SQL Server 2005 database.  I tried using SQL Server Management Studio Express.  I was able to "see" my remote database on, but I was not able to import the .mdf files into my database.  I now believe (from reading other posts) that this is not possible using SQL Server Management Studio Express.  What is one to do?  Buy a full version of SQL Server?  I suppose I can ask the hosting company to import the .mdf files, but as I'm still playing, this seems like a less than ideal solution.  Can anyone point me to a site with ideas, or better yet, explicit directions on how to get the Personal WebSite up and running on a site using SQL Server 2005?


Any help is much appreciated.  I'm a Window programmer and am just learing about Web Programming and SQL Server.


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Simply attach your database to that instance or take a backup and restore to an existing database.



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