Reporting and Report Data

I have a few questions about reports.


First, can anyone tell me where the customer datat is stored. I assume it is on the momsql01  server but in which database is the live data stored? I have checked a few and cant seem to locate any accurate data about customers on the system.


Also, i am running  a unmolested 3.5 HMC install with a few customers on it. IM pulling up the reporting pages and under cumulative reports and im not seeing accurate numbers. (to be more accurate HOME>Hosted Messaging and Colab Services Reports>Cumulative Reports)

If i click on a customer and look at

Number of active e-mail users in 30 days ending apr 11 2007 it shows 2.

Number of inactive e-mail users in 30 days ending Apr 11 2007  shows 12

This seems to be off. In this instance....i have 3 users in a test domain on the system

2 i have never logged in to the system.

1 i have logged in and sent and recieved email.

 Why would it show 2 active when it should show 1?

and why would it show 12 inactive? There is only 3 users for the whole test domain? Where is it getting 12 from?


Also if i go under

Home > Hosted Messaging and Collaboration Services Reports > Hosted Exchange >
Hosted Exchange Mailbox Utilization
I dont see the domain listed as having any users with any Utilization even though the 1 test user i have used has a few test messages in the inbox.
Can someone explain?
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         Firstly the data should be stored in the SQL server and is taken from the HEcustomer Database. I found i had the same problem in that the data was incorrect. I later found that the report in our case was generated every 24 hours (which is ok) i also found that some users were not shown. This problem whet away when all the users had logged on to the system at least once, and we connected to the reports server logged on as MOMSERVICE.

 Hope that was of some help.

Cheers Phill

Philip Glenn Paterson
IT Consultant
Business Connections Middle East
4/16/2007 8:05:12 AM

yes it is strange indeed.


Our hecustomerdb is on our mpssql box. Our reports are run from the momsql box. Not sure how the 2 are communicating but our momsql box is always logged in as our momservice account.The data is still goofy. in the last 30 test domain has had 2 active users and 12 inactive. I dont have 12 users in the domain :) I also have only used one account to see if it would show as one and report properly. No clue where it gets 2.....or 12......



4/19/2007 9:41:49 PM

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