Where to place custom HTTP Module and reference separate web.config app files

My boss wants to instead implement a custom HTTP Module so that we can move each individual check into each applications own web.config and each app's webconfig somehow wires up together as one...I don't know what he means..  So instead of doing this in the wwwroot web.config:


for let's say the car application, it's webconfig would only have one check which is more efficient with just one node check depending on the type of application and URL requested:


The above are just some fake directories...so picture each as it's own application such as cars, planes, etc.

We'd split out each rule into it's own web.config since each rule will check for that application's type of request URL cases.

So I don't even understand where to start.  For starters, where does the HTTP Module class file to be placed and how do I call each of them?  Do I need only one?  Would I call the HTTP Module from the global.aspx?  I am lost.

When is Microsoft going to get rid of VB.NET!
8/7/2006 3:45:21 PM
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When is Microsoft going to get rid of VB.NET!
8/8/2006 2:55:30 AM

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