http handlers and web form post backs

Wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction for my problem?

I have a http handler that captures .html requests and transfers them all to a default.aspx which then dynamically loads in all the web and user controls required for that web form.
My problem is if I request, for example, contact.html it will load my contact form correctly but when I submit my contact form the action points to default.aspx. So when I submit it the user sees default.aspx in the address bar instead of the intended contact.html.
I either need to change my http handler, modify the action of my server side form or just make the URI in the address bar seem as if it is still the same page without losing any of the functionality of my controls.
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I remember seeing a thread that said you have to rewrite the URL twice.  Once to get the correct page loaded and then once back to get the form's action correct.  

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3/24/2005 11:08:52 AM
Create your own form class by  inheriting  System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlForm and remove action attribute.  

This links has sample code.

Jigar Desai
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3/28/2005 1:09:15 PM
 stiletto wrote:
I remember seeing a thread that said you have to rewrite the URL twice. Once to get the correct page loaded and then once back to get the form's action correct. 859106

I found that thread after searching these forums here Could not for the life of me get it to work. Kept telling me I was trying an illegal post request, and because I was playing about with the context so much it was getting the urls really muddled.

Thanks for both your help anyways. I'm gonna try removing and replacing the action attribute now.

3/30/2005 3:29:40 PM

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