Who uses Web Controls/HTML Controls?

I'm currently making the migration from ColdFusion to asp.net and I have a few questions.

1. Does anybody really use the Web/HTML Controls? CF has something similar <cfform> but I never use it because I'm a believer in separating html from application logic/control. And I like being in control of what goes on in my apps. However, I find the Web/HTML Controls interesting.
2. Is there a standard framework that people use to organize their code? I like using MVC (Model, View, Controller) to create true N-tier applications. Just wondering what others use.
3. Is anybody using Flash with their apps and how are you integrating Flash with asp.net? Flash Remoting?
TIA for any insight/feedback.
1/26/2004 5:17:19 PM
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I never use web controls since they make standards complient web design almost impossible. I want to make valid XHTML, valid CSS and Best Practice web pages when it comes to accessibility.

You could use HTML controls but I use the power of ASP.NET and C# only to pass parameters to my XSLT and to transform my XML into XHTML.
And I just love it.
1/26/2004 5:50:20 PM
That was my inclination as well, but needed some expert insight on what others are doing.

Thanks for the response.
1/26/2004 7:21:29 PM
Welcome to the ASP.NET forums, FifthLegion.

> 1. Does anybody really use the Web/HTML Controls?
Yes. The more I use them (particularly having created my own) ... the more I appreciate the power of ASP.NET server controls. A well designed server control will not hard-code any content or styling, so that you can indeed achieve a clear separation of style, content and logic.
> 2. Is there a standard framework that people use to organize their code?
ASP.NET inherently implements a Page Controller pattern. For many sites, this is sufficient.
Microsoft's MSDN site provides an excellent overview of Enterprise Solution Patterns Using Microsoft .NET. It talks about various patterns and when they should be used, and when they should be considered overkill.
> 3. Is anybody using Flash with their apps and how are you integrating Flash with asp.net?
Yes, I use Flash in my sites. However, I use simple animations ... nothing pulling dynamic content.
Macromedia now has a Developer Centre that discusses various methods of creating dynamic Flash animations, including a dedicated ASP.NET section.

> You could use HTML controls but I use the power of ASP.NET and C# only to pass parameters to my XSLT and to transform my XML into XHTML.
I did the same thing with my first ASP.NET website, and I too loved it. However, when it came to my second website, I found very little code that could be reused. Hence, as sweet as this approach seems, it doesn't really help in the long run ...
Achieving XHTML compliance means creating your own set of server controls, or buying a set of XHTML web controls.
1/26/2004 7:28:53 PM
Scott Mitchell wrote an entire book about asp.net web controls so they must have some value.
1/27/2004 1:58:07 AM
Keep in mind that a "web control" in ASP.NET is simply an object that outputs HTML in the location you place it on the page. As an object, you can assign properties and run methods to develop the actual appearance of the HTML. Plus, it provides a design mode appearance in Visual Studio.net.

While there is a complaint that Microsoft didn't develop their web controls for XHTML compliance, that doesn't mean web controls aren't XHTML compliant. It means that those developed by Microsoft and subclassed by others aren't. The XHTML control product mentioned earlier is still a group of web controls, simply not subclassed from the class System.Web.UI.WebControls.
My point is that web controls are pretty vital to ASP.NET and ignoring them would put you at a severe disadvantage because you will be writing a lot of code to get the same results for the objects already available to you.
--- Peter Blum
Creator of Peter's Data Entry Suite (formerly Professional Validation And More and Peter's Date Package) and Peter's Polling Package
1/27/2004 3:36:57 AM
An additional point worth note, is that the HTML that will be generated by ASP.Net v2.0 should be fully XHTML 1.1 compliant.


1/27/2004 3:46:15 AM
Great stuff everybody. Thank you all for your response. This will definitely get me going in the right direction.
1/28/2004 5:29:56 PM

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